If wearing your woollies just isn’t enough and you’re keen to do more, have a look at our fundraising ideas below.  

  • Any excuse for cake! Mince pies and meringues or any other baked goods are always popular and there’s no better time to indulge and ask your friends, family or colleagues to bake and buy goodies from your stall. 

  • Already hosting a Christmas party or festive activity? Then why not organise a raffle or ask for donations on the day and raise a little extra for Child Bereavement UK. 

  • Sing song merrily on high! Hold a Christmas concert and ask attendees for a donation.

  • Why not hold a quiz online or in person? Ask participants to make a donation and wear their winter woollies, of course! You could use Child Bereavement UK's Quiz Sheet & Answer Sheet.

  • As an alternative, a game of Bingo is always fun. Download our guide on how to set up your own bingo fundraiser, here.

  • Ask friends and colleagues to bling up their outfits or jazz up their jumpers and make a donation. Ask people to vote for their favourite. The winner of the best design could win a small prize or just bathe in the glory of being the best. 

  • Calling all crafters. Whether you’re a natural at knitting or create beautiful cards and accessories, why not sells your creations and make a donation to Child Bereavement UK? 

  • Organise a sweepstake of any kind, ask for a donation and have a small prize for the winner. See our guide on how to set up your own sweepstake, here

Thank you so much for your support. Every penny really does make a difference!