This short animated film aims to help children and young people cope with difficult feelings like sadness, anger, worry and guilt. The film explains why it’s a good idea to release your emotions safely so that the pressure doesn‘t build up to the point that you erupt - just like a volcano!
Charlie, 23, was supported by Child Bereavement UK. He told us how he struggled with anger after his father died but how having an outlet to process his grief helped him cope.

I found that there was this really intense rage all the time, always below the surface just ready to go. I’ve definitely made some progress, actually talking about it and facing it on a more regular basis rather than waiting until all these feelings and emotions I’ve been bottling up for weeks or months just come rushing in.

We hope this short film will encourage grieving children and young people like Charlie to talk to someone about their feelings, whether that’s a parent or carer, a teacher, a friend or Child Bereavement UK. This will help release the pressure safely so that things don’t get too much.

Visit our resource for ideas for creative activities that can help a bereaved child talk about their feelings, explore strategies to manage their grief, and find ways to remember someone special to them who has died. You might also like to watch Children, Grief and Creativity, a short animated film by Creative Grieving, providing advice on supporting bereaved children and tips on how creativity can help them process their loss. 

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