When you were born, you were given an invisible suitcase.

You take it with you everywhere you go.

Our animated short film is designed to help bereaved children and families to understand their grief and how to manage it. Based on The Invisible Suitcase by Ian Woodroffe, the film uses the metaphor of an invisible suitcase to show how we all carry our experiences and emotions through life. None of us can control how our ‘suitcase’ is packed and when it might spring open, with our emotions being triggered sometimes when we least expect, but we can learn how to react when this happens. 

We hope this film will help children, young people and adults alike to understand that their feelings are normal, and know that whilst grief is something that always stays with you, by reaching out for support it is something that you can learn to manage in your life. 

Based on The Invisible Suitcase © Ian Woodroffe      

Animation © Child Bereavement UK.  

The Invisible Suitcase won bronze in the People’s Choice Awards in the £500k-£5m charity income category at the Charity Film Awards 2022

The best way to deal with your feelings and emotions is to talk about them with someone who won't judge or make fun of you.

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