Tasha son Rory died aged 13 in October 2020. She explains why she decided to raise funds for Child Bereavement UK by running in his memory. 

Since Rory died, I’ve found running and general exercise a big relief and help with my grief.  I decided as it should have been his 14th birthday in July that I would run 5k a day across the month to raise funds in his memory. I felt I really wanted to do something during July as I knew I needed a purpose to get through the month but also give back whilst doing it.

I called the event #RunforRory and lots of friends of the family also ended up joining in. Some people ran or walked, others rowed or rode 6k a day, raising funds for the charity too.

Rory was such a kind, selfless young man, I know he would have loved this event for him. It had everybody talking about him, keeping his memory alive and also helping their own mental and physical health while raising money to help other families.

I hope to do #RunforRory every July now to keep his legacy alive. I’m really proud of Child Bereavement UK and the event - I just hope it gets bigger and bigger!

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