The following short guides are listed alphabetically by title. You can either click through to the relevant webpage, or you can download a print-friendly PDF version.

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Building resilience in bereaved children
Children's understanding of death at different ages
Delivering sad news: a guide to help education professionals, parents and carers tell a young person that someone has died
Explaining funerals, burials and cremation to children
Explaining miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of a newborn baby to young children
Explaining to young children that someone has died
For doctors: Managing your wellbeing
Grief and bereavement in Gypsy and Traveller families
Helping yourself through grief
Holding a funeral when you cannot meet - ideas for families
How children and young people grieve
How you can help someone return to work after their baby or child has died: guidance for employers
How we grieve
Looking after yourself
Managing Christmas and other special occasions
Managing grief: A guide for education professionals and parents supporting bereaved pupils
Partners may grieve differently
Remembering: collaborative projects for the school community
Returning to work after your baby or child has died: guidance for employees
Saying goodbye to your baby or child
Stepparenting where a biological parent has died
Supporting bereaved children and young people with special educational needs
Supporting bereaved childen and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Supporting bereaved children through difficult times
Supporting bereaved children under 5 years of age
Supporting children and young people after a frightening event
Supporting children and young people bereaved by murder or manslaughter
Supporting children and young people bereaved by suicide
Supporting children through difficult times
The death of a grandchild
Understanding grieving teenagers
Viewing a body with a child
What helps grieving children and young people 
When a child dies - a loss like no other
When a grandparent dies - the impact on children and young people
When bereavement enters the workplace
When someone is not expected to live - supporting children
When someone may have died by suicide
When you can't visit someone who is ill
When your baby dies - a particular kind of grief
When your baby or child died many years ago
When your partner dies: Supporting your children