Sarah shares what she’s gained from volunteering with Child Bereavement UK’s fundraising team

It is an honour to be able to have a positive impact on the availability of support accessible for bereaved families and children.

In early 2020 I approached Child Bereavement UK to ask if I could volunteer with a view to establishing a regular commitment to help. Before lockdown, I’d signed up as a general volunteer helping out at the office in Buckinghamshire. 

During lockdown I was prevented from volunteering, so I was delighted to return in the autumn of 2022 as a regular volunteer helping the special events team. I’d previously worked with the fundraising team on an event and, when they told me about other events they were working on, I was really keen to help out. Currently, I try to go into the office once a week during term time for as many hours as I can spare to support the team in preparing for and organising events. I also attend events when needed, putting in extra hours as required.

Although my skills were a little outdated, I was familiar with the running of fundraising events and I was able to bring good communication and people skills to the role combined with organisational capabilities, adaptability and a hard-working, can-do attitude.

I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with the incredible people at Child Bereavement UK from when I was introduced to the charity nearly twenty years ago, when for over five years I worked with the charity as a contractor heading up fundraising events, I had the privilege of working on many fundraising events and projects and had the opportunity to meet several bereaved families supported by the charity's work.

Looking back, now with a family of my own, this experience was incredibly informative and inspirational and gave me an entirely new perspective on why I was volunteering with a charity, having previously worked in the corporate sector.

What I learned from many of the families and individuals who had been supported by the charity, and who subsequently went on to fundraise, will continually help guide and inspire me in life. It is an honour to be able to have a positive impact on the availability of support accessible for bereaved families and children.

I’ve gained so much positive experience from working with the staff and families connected to Child Bereavement UK and will remain a loyal supporter of the charity's work for life. They support children and families when the unthinkable happens and sadly their work will always be needed. Helping to make their work possible is a privilege. I also love to help by connecting others to the charity, such as friends and family.

To be able to give time and skills without cost to the charity makes more of their vital work possible. Attending an event and listening to a family speak about the support they have received and how it has helped them says it all and is enough of a reason to help out as much as you can.

Nothing rivals the sense of fulfilment you get from helping such a worthy cause like Child Bereavement UK through giving your time and skills as a volunteer. Friendship and community are abundant when you volunteer too.

If you have been inspired to volunteer with us, please visit our volunteer jobs board, or contact our volunteering team on [email protected]