Sam Rowan is Head of Year 7 at Appleby Grammar in Cumbria, Sally Linsley is Head Teacher at Warcop CE Primary School, also in Cumbria. The neighbouring schools have both been impacted by a bereavement. 

No-one trains you in how to deal with these things and I think that is something we all need as teachers, both primary and secondary practitioners.


We have students who are suddenly overcome with grief and emotions in the middle of the day and they simply stop coping. The same thing can just as easily happen to staff. The ripple effect should never be underestimated. Child Bereavement UK helped so much to enable us all to better manage the most unthinkable tragedy.

There is very little specialist support available in this area, and that's why Child Bereavement UK has been so invaluable.


When a tragic event happens it is difficult to know where to turn. Child Bereavement UK gave support to both pupils and staff within my school. I also felt that the support and advice that they gave me personally, helped to enable me to support others whilst also grieving myself. The charity's support has been fantastic, which I am very grateful for.

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