Making a salt jar is a lovely way for your child to make something unique and personal to them that helps them remember their special person who has died and to talk about their memories.

You will need:

  • Paper plate or some plain paper
  • Coloured chalks
  • A label
  • A glass jar with a wide opening and a lid
  • Salt

A picture of a pile of mixed coloured salt


1) Talk to your child about colours that remind them of their special person who has died; it could be the colour of their eyes, their favourite colour, or colours that remind them of a holiday or a place they loved.

2) Put some salt in a jar making sure to fill it up to below the rim.

3) Now pour the salt out and divide into equal sized piles.

4) Ask your child to colour each of the piles of salt using a different coloured chalk. It can help to place the salt on a piece of paper or a paper plate.

5) Now gently place each pile of salt into the jar making sure to tap it down gently between colours to create layers. Some children like to mix up the colours and this is OK too.

6) Put the lid on your jar and ask your child to create a label for the jar with a key to the meaning of each of the colours.

Watch our short animated film which suggests ways children and young people can remember someone important to them who has died.