We first heard about Child Bereavement UK a few years ago through a friend who sadly lost his daughter. He introduced us to Child Bereavement UK’s Patrons Pledge. We were very impressed by the leadership team and interested to learn about the incredible support the charity gives to bereaved families. It highlighted the importance of Child Bereavement UK’s work which sadly was not available to people grieving terrible loss in the past.

We are trustees of our late father’s charitable trust - The William Brake Foundation. Our parents’ first baby Caroline died at one day old in 1954. It is very hard to imagine what they went through especially without the incredible help that Child Bereavement UK is able to offer today.

We have heard several people’s stories and their gratitude in receiving strategies to cope with their loss and to find a way to live again. 

We both feel very passionate about the incredible work of Child Bereavement UK. We are so proud to become Patrons and pleased to be able to support a charity offering a positive difference to so many and helping to change attitudes about loss and grief.

Penny Lang and Debbie Isaac

Debbie's background was in Hotel and Catering Management before having her three children.

Penny was a primary school teacher in the 1980s but gave up to be a full-time mum to her six children. She welcomes the charity’s extended services to schools and other professional organisations offering such a wealth of experience.