Katherine found Child Bereavement UK when looking to support her two young children after their father’s suicide.

When the police had left my home, I Googled ‘How do you tell a child their Dad has killed himself?’ I didn’t know where to turn, and Child Bereavement UK was top of the search rankings. Their care and expertise guided me into one of the most difficult conversations I’ve ever had, and they have been there ever since, by my side supporting me, supporting my children.

Katherine is co-founder and CEO of Meeting Magic, an organisation focused on fostering connecting and collaboration within and between private sector corporations and non-profit organisations.

I hope to be able to leverage my connections to raise awareness and secure funding for Child Bereavement UK and the essential work Child Bereavement UK does.

Katherine featured in Child Bereavement UK's One More Minute awareness raising film campaign, including in our guide to supporting someone who is bereaved.

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