This simple activity can help your child recognise, express and talk about how to manage their feelings.

You will need:

  • White paper or card
  • Coloured felt-tips or crayons
  • Scissors

Young child cutting out some coloured paper 


1) Draw an outline of a person on your card or white paper.

2) Cut out your outline.

3) Now ask your child to think about feelings and emotions they have and where they feel them, e.g. if they feel angry does their face go red? If they’re sad do they have tears in their eyes? If they’re frustrated do they clench their fists?

4) Now ask them to draw where they feel these different emotions, for instance they might colour in the face red or write the word frustrated on the hands.

5) While your child is drawing, talk about the different feelings and ways we can manage these such as talking to someone, going outside for a walk, doing activities such as sport, being with friends, listening to music, writing in a journal or doing something creative. 

Other ideas

You can get some ideas on how to manage your feelings from our A-Z of bereavement support tips from young people we have supported.

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