Ollie's mum died from alcohol misuse when Ollie was eight. His dad talks about how he and Ollie were supported by Child Bereavement UK in Cheshire. 

Support has really helped Ollie to open up and express and explain his feelings and what he’s thinking.

When Ollie first came to Child Bereavement UK for support he was upset, lost and very confused by the situation – he had lots of questions. The sessions really helped Ollie to understand the reasons for his mum's death.

Initially, Ollie discussed how much he noticed a change in his mum’s behaviour towards the end of her life, and that he didn’t fully understand how and why she died. The bereavement support practitioner met with me separately, and also with Ollie and I together, helping me to explain alcohol and addiction to him, including how it is an illness and not something that his mum could just stop. 

Ollie was able to be open and honest about his feelings of guilt, and his practitioner and I were able to reassure him that what happened was not his fault. The sessions really helped us to communicate with one another, and now we often take time outside of the sessions to go for walks together and check in with one other.

The support is really well structured, and the Child Bereavement UK practitioner is very kind and compassionate. Ollie loves going to speak to her and looks forward to his sessions; the support has really helped him to open up and express and explain his feelings and what he’s thinking.  It's an invaluable service and I can't thank our practitioner enough for the help she has given, not just to Ollie but also to me.

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