Photograph of young disabled man working with his teacher in an education setting

A new free-to-access resource has been launched by Child Bereavement UK in collaboration with the London Grid for Learning to help education professionals support bereaved pupils with SEND. 

Bereavement and pupils with SEND is for education professionals working in mainstream or SEND settings and aims to help staff to support bereaved pupils with additional needs, manage bereavement within their community, and talk about death and grief. 

When a pupil with additional needs is bereaved, there can be a whole new range of experiences, language and sensory experiences that they have not dealt with before. School is an important source of stability and normality and the resource aims to help staff feel confident in reassuring and communicating with bereaved pupils with SEND.

Bereavement and pupils with SEND is part of the Child Bereavement UK Toolkit, a comprehensive set of online resources for schools.