Fundraising support from the local business community is vitally important to Child Bereavement UK. It’s also good for your business, helping to enhance your brand and profile within your community. Where possible, we’ll help you get the most from your efforts by supporting you with social media and local PR.

We’re always keen to hear your fundraising ideas. However, we also have some inspiring ideas that can be adapted to suit any size of workforce. If you are looking for a more formal corporate partnership with Child Bereavement UK, all the information you need can be found on our corporate fundraising page.

Dress down/up days

Dressing down works best if your office or workplace has a strict dress code, as people love to be more casual for a day. Ask everyone who dresses down to give a small donation, all of which can go straight to Child Bereavement UK. If your work place has a more casual dress code, why not dress up and ask for donations with a prize for who looks the most swish? 

Team building away days and challenge events

Team building days can be a great way for your employees to bond and spend some time learning from each other. If you’d like to incorporate a fundraising element, we can help. Many small businesses encourage their staff teams to organise their own team challenge events, but your team can also participate in one of our challenge events.

Matched giving

If your company has an HR team, ask if the company operates a matched giving scheme. This is where the company matches the amount of money that you fundraise, thereby doubling your total.

Sporting sweepstake 

Choose a big sporting event that people in your office or workplace enjoy watching and discussing, like the Olympics, Wimbledon, Grand National or football tournaments. Arrange a sweepstake where colleagues draw names or teams from a hat for a fee or donation before the event starts. Whoever has the winning name at the end of the sporting event receives a prize. Why not ask your boss to provide a prize?

Volunteer days

We are always keen to hear from small businesses that encourage their workforce to give something back to the community.  Our services throughout the country benefit from this in many ways, and that need is ongoing. We will always try to match volunteering opportunities with your needs, interests and skills. More information can be found on our volunteering page.

Plan your own event

Your business and staff are unique and perhaps you have ideas of your own. We will support your fundraising whatever you decide to do, helping you to make it a resounding success. 

We want to make sure you get all the support you need, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 01494 569 048 or email [email protected]