Collections: It is illegal to carry out house-to-house or public street collections without a license. Contact your local fundraiser if you would like to join an organised Child Bereavement UK collection.

Food Hygiene: Food safety laws apply when food is available, whether it is for sale or not. Ensure you follow food hygiene procedures. Contact your local council for food hygiene regulations at events, or see

Raffles: If you hold a small raffle on the day of your activity you do not need a license, as long as all ticket sales and the draw itself takes place during the main event. Tickets must be sold for the same price with no discounts applied. You must make it clear who is running the raffle. Check the latest information and advice at

Licenses: Ask your local authority whether you need to obtain any special licenses (e.g. public entertainment, collection or alcohol licenses). If you are holding the event in a public place, you must have permission from the council or landowner.

Risk Assessments: Identify any hazards and assess any risk connected with your event or activity that you’ll need to consider. Ensure you have adequate first aid cover available for the scale of your activity. If you’re not sure, check with your local council. 

Get consent: You will need to get parental permission if children are helping or if you’re taking photographs of children. Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. If your event is on private property, get permission from the owner or manager. 

The money: For your own protection, if at all possible, make sure you count the money you’ve collected with another person present, and have them verify the total amount raised. Ask people who want to make a donation by cheque to make it payable to Child Bereavement UK rather than you personally. Make sure any cash donated is kept in a secure place and is banked as soon as possible.

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