My Dad died when I was 5 years old, in a mountaineering accident. It was in the summer holidays. I was at a summer holiday club when one of the leaders told me that my Mum was in the office. I walked in and my Mum was flooding with tears. The first thing I thought was what’s happened, not really thinking about what it could be. When my Mum told me, it didn’t hit home what had really happened. I can remember it clearly even now. It affected me at home because my Mum felt sad, and got annoyed with me more and would shout at me. I used to hate it if my Mum went out because I used to think maybe she won’t come back, like Dad.

I lost a lot of confidence so I never personally told my friends about what happened. Even now I don’t have the confidence to tell my friends about what happened. But with going to Child Bereavement UK I feel I have become more confident about sharing my story, because everybody there has their own story.

Making the videos for young people really helped me feel better about what has happened. I learned a lot from the others around me who were also making the films. After we made the films, I also helped the Child Bereavement UK by doing a sponsored run. Mum and I raised over £1,000.

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