Janet manages the nursery and after-school care provision at Community Central Hall in Glasgow. When a member of staff’s baby died during pregnancy, Janet contacted Child Bereavement UK for advice on how to share the information with the children.

One parent told me the letter made her feel confident talking to her child about the baby’s death and she doesn’t know what she would have done without the advice – all of which came from Child Bereavement UK’s website.

I knew about Child Bereavement UK because we’re based in the same building. I contacted them and said that I wanted to write a letter to the parents of the after-school provision children. I felt it was their responsibility to tell the children what had happened.

Child Bereavement UK explained that there was information that would help me on the website and I used this to help me construct the letter, which was great. I then talked it over with the staff at Child Bereavement UK who gave me advice on things to change before I sent the letter to the parents. Child Bereavement UK also offered to deliver some training with our staff on how to share information on death with children, which we are going to take up.

I received positive feedback on the letter from some of the parents who said it helped them to discuss the issue with their children. One parent works in a hospice but said that she would still have found it a difficult topic to address with her child. She sent me an email thanking me for the letter and saying she found it really informative and helpful. She said it made her feel more confident talking to her child about the issue and she doesn’t know what she would have done without the advice - all of which came from Child Bereavement UK’s website.

After the parents spoke to their children, the children mentioned the baby’s death at the after-school provision and said they were sad.  They told me what had happened, and I could tell that the information was from the letter I had sent to the parents. They used the language that was in the letter.

If a similar situation arose I would definitely contact Child Bereavement UK as you get lots of support and there’s lots of useful information on the website. I’d advise anyone else to do the same.

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