If a pupil or member of staff dies, the school community may welcome a collaborative project to help to remember the person who died, creating something positive for everyone to share. In this way, pupils and staff may feel more connected to each other and take comfort in working together, even though they may be physically separated. The finished project could be shared within the school and, if appropriate, with the family of the person who died.

Collaborative project ideas

  • Audio or film messages which could be collated in classes, tutor groups, year groups or as a whole school message. These could also be recorded and sent in by digital means.
  • Individual works of art, which could be based on a common theme such as a season, time of day, special place, sport, hobby or interest. These could be uploaded to a virtual gallery.
  • Compiling a cookbook in memory by contributing favourite recipes.
  • Composing a piece of music using instruments, household items, percussion and/or singing.
  • Writing individual lines of poetry which could form a remembrance poem.
  • Contributing to a book of condolence.
  • Writing, recording or drawing messages for the family of the person who died.
  • Making a jigsaw wall for which students write messages or create decorated tessellating shapes, such as paper jigsaw pieces, which can be put together on a wall in school when everyone returns.
  • Setting up an online memorial or fundraiser in memory. 
  • Helping other people by sharing ideas about what has helped them at this difficult time, and creating an information guide to help bereaved pupils in other schools.
  • Some of these project ideas may also be helpful suggestions for a grieving family, as a way of connecting extended family members and friends when they are not able to attend a funeral or visit each other. 

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