In 2015, Child Bereavement UK concluded a three year project (funded by the Department of Health) where we endeavoured to improve bereavement support in six areas across England that featured highly on the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

In each area, we established a Bereavement Advisory Group bringing together representation from Health, Education, Social Care, Voluntary Organisations and Bereaved Families. We also held study days and training opportunities in each area, and in some cases collaborated with other services to reach more bereaved children and families. A bereavement pathway – with reference to local and national services – was created for each area, along with information on the range of support needs that children and families may experience (with the acceptance that many bereaved individuals require only a modicum of support if they have an understanding family, school, workplace or social circle).

To date, the Hull Advisory Group continues to meet and has a breadth of membership including representation from:

Dove House Hospice; Cruse; Relate; Health Practitioners; Hull University, the Local Authority, the Children’s University, Headstart and Cornerhouse.

Hull has received Headstart funding to support emotional wellbeing in 10 – 16 year olds – and Child Bereavement UK have been able to support with workforce training, and awareness sessions in some schools.

Dove House hospice have recently received Children in Need funding to enable them to set up support groups for bereaved children.

In January 2019 we held an Extraordinary Bereavement Advisory Group and had renewed interest from the CCG, Public Health, and researchers and practitioners across the field – so the work continues with renewed vigour to enhance bereavement support across the area.