Raising funds online is super easy. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do this quickly so you can get your fundraising started.  There are two platforms you can use to raise funds  for Child Bereavement UK.  

Virgin Money Giving

We have set up a campaign page to link to your fundraising page so you can see how much you and other families are raising for Child Bereavement UK. This platform allows you and your donors to see how much you’ve all raised whilst taking part in this challenge.

To create your page, follow this link: http://virginmoneygiving.com/fund/trekkilimanjarofromhome

Instructions once you’re on the campaign page:

  1. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ button
  2. Create an account
  3. Click the relevant button for setting up an individual page.
  4. What are you doing to raise money? Type ‘Trek Kilimanjaro…from home’ and select the correct event so that your page can be linked to the challenge.
  5. Follow the instructions and read the page that follows.  Your  fundraising page should be set up and ready for you to personalise and share with friends and families.

Don’t know what to include on your fundraising page? Have a look at our guide to fundraising which gives advice on what to include on your page to maximise donations.

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook is becoming a great place for people to fundraise, especially as many of us are now using social media a lot more to stay connected with loved ones. Setting up a Facebook Fundraising page is simple, and it’s easy for friends and family members to donate too.

Instructions on how to set up your Facebook fundraising page:

  1. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/
  2. Select Charity and choose Child Bereavement UK
  3. Set you and your family a financial target to reach, giving yourself a deadline of 30 days (add a few extra days to allow people to donate after you’ve completed your challenge).
  4. Give a title to your fundraising page. For example: ‘The Smith’s Trek Kilimanjaro, in our house in aid of Child Bereavement UK.’
  5. Write a little blurb on why you have chosen to support Child Bereavement UK, explaining the challenge and inviting other families to join you.
  6. Choose a photo. You can either use one of the official photos sent in your sign-up email or a personal photo.
  7. Now start sharing and posting your page.