Posters & flyers

Ask for our ‘in aid of’ logo and advertise your activity or event locally on noticeboards. Ask shops to display them in their windows

Write a press release

Local media are often looking for stories about people doing extraordinary things.  One way to get noticed is to write a press release. Our fundraising team are happy to advise on creating and distributing your press release.

Use your email

Promote your activity in your email signature: Change your work and home email signature to include an appeal for sponsorship, with a link to your fundraising page. Ask one of the fundraising team to send you your own email signature banners.

Contact local media

Local newsletters and websites usually have a section listing forthcoming events. Contact the editor or administrator and ask to be included.

Use social media

Promote your event social media and make sure to use images and video. Don’t forget to tag or mention Child Bereavement UK’s social media channels where you can also gain inspiration from other people’s fundraising achievements. For fundraisers in Scotland, there are dedicated Scotland pages.

Facebook: ChildBereavementUK   

Twitter: @cbukhelp                     

Instagram: @childbereavementuk