Things to consider

1: Get a plan in place early
Make sure your fundraising event doesn't coincide with a special day or occasion. We have designed a downloadable Events Checklist to help you plan your event. 

2. Keep it safe and legal
If you're running a raffle, serving music or playing music, you need to make sure your event is safe and legal.  Check our guide to make sure your event conforms to any rules or regulations. 

2: Set up your online fundraising page
Make it as easy as possible for people to donate by creating an online fundraising page. Head to either JustGiving or Facebook Fundraiser to get started and use our guide to make the most of your page, ensuring it stands out from the crowd. 

3: Involve our local community and spread the word
Your local community is a hugely valuable resource when it comes to fundraising. From bag packing and bucket collections in supermarkets to a quiz night or raffle at your local pub or community group, the options are endless. 

4: Get the message out
Tell everyone you know what you're doing and share your online fundraising page on social media so all your friends know you are raising money for charity. For more ways to spread the word, have a look at some other options. 

5: Get your employer involved
Fundraising at work is an easy, effective and fun way to raise additional funds for Child Bereavement UK. Find out if your employer offers matched giving or would like to give a donation. You could also ask to organise some events in the office, from a dress down day to regular cake sales. Remember to add your donation page link to your email signature, and check if you can publicise your story on your intranet or post something on the office noticeboard to help generate sponsorship. For more fundraising ideas for your work place, have a look here. 

6: Thank your donors
It’s up to you how you want to do this, some people send emails or send cards. Do whatever you feel is appropriate but  make sure you take the time to thank people who have donated to your cause.