Don't Let Them Tell You How to Grieve: Lines to let you know you are not alone

Gina Claye   

Poems written by a mother who experienced the sudden deaths of her 19-year-old daughter by suicide and her 32-year-old son from encephalitis.

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GriefWorks app

Julia Samuel 

Drawing on Child Bereavement UK’s Founder Patron Julia Samuel’s 30 years of experience as a leading grief therapist, the GriefWorks app was designed to effectively address the full range of emotions surrounding grief. The app pairs Julia’s advice with actionable practices and exercises, gently nudging you to record and examine your own thoughts and feelings. The app also offers more than 30 interactive tools including breathing visualisation exercises, guided meditations, daily gratitude check-ins, prompted evening reflections, and more.

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Losing Liam

Sue Bracknell   

Poems written following the author's son’s suicide in 2003, helping her to connect with him and to grieve. 

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When Words are not Enough: Creative Responses to Grief

Jane Harris

Everyone grieves for someone at some point in their lives. But how do we deal with the silence that often surrounds grief? How do we find ways to express painful feelings when words are not enough? In this deeply personal and beautiful reflection on grief Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds draw on their own experience of loss, and how the death of their son Josh has led to a creative response that is more than word bound.

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