Who We Are: 

Seasons for Growth is a successful, well researched, peer support education programme that gives young people and adults the opportunity to learn that change, loss and grief are normal and valuable parts of life. The programme provides participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and manage how death, separation or other significant loss events may impact on their lives.

What We Offer: 

We are currently coordinating and running programmes of all levels within the Ellon school Cluster and surrounding area. All the individuals that facilitate Seasons for Growth have been specifically trained as Companions and must follow a Code of Ethics to become, and remain, accredited. Groups are currently run in school and community settings.

Seasons for Growth is available in age-appropriate booklets for primary and secondary pupils to work through with a facilitator (Companion) in small-group settings. There is also an Adult Programme and a Parent Programme to support parents in helping their children to manage change and loss.

Companion training is available across Scotland. Dates and further information is on the website.

How to contact us:

Graham Wilson- Pupil support worker Ellon Academy
Tel: 01358 720715 (ext 3018)   Email: [email protected]

Colette Fraser- Class teacher- Auchterellon Primary
Tel: 01358 720863   Email: [email protected]

Website: www.seasonsforgrowth.org.uk