Who We Are: 

Carers Teams and Projects across Glasgow provide support to carers of all ages. Each project has a dedicated young carers worker specifically to work with young people under 18. The role of the young carers worker is to try to reduce the young person’s caring role and provide them with support.

What We Offer: 

Carers Teams and Projects provide the following core services to all carers;

  • Information and advice
  • Emotional Support
  • Money Matters – income max
  • Short breaks – direct support to the cared for person to provide the carer with a break
  • Training
  • Having a voice

Anyone can make a referral for a young carer e.g. the young person, family, school, teacher, by contacting the Carers Team or Project. Adult carers can self referral by completing a carers self assessment form, which they can request from a Carers Team or Project.

How to contact us: 

Tel: 0141 276 1066