Volunteers provide support and assistance us at various events throughout the year helping us to support bereaved parents and families in different ways. This includes helping with equipment, meeting and greeting at events, assisting at support groups, and more on an ad hoc basis. Volunteers support the staff members to facilitate events, ensuring parents and families have a valuable and rewarding experience. Volunteers will be directed by, and will remain with, the staff at all times.

On arrival at events, volunteers will help staff set up the rooms/areas for the families. Once guests arrive volunteers help run the planned event. These are always led by staff, but volunteers support throughout and at the end of the day are expected to help clear away as required and participate in the debriefing session. 

Without volunteer support these events cannot be attended by as many families, so you will be very valued in this role by both staff and families. 

Bereavement Services

Volunteers must be able to attend some or all events in a six-month period between February and August 2023.

Events are held both weekdays and at weekends depending on their nature. Volunteers must all attend a training day and are subject to an enhanced DBS, paid for Child Bereavement UK.

The events take place in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Child Bereavement UK sites, as well as other local community venues.

Essential skills required   

  • Ability to show empathy and work well with bereaved parents and carers, their families and NHS staff. 
  • Ability to engage in discussions of bereavement.
  • Willingness to learn ways of understanding grief and supporting bereaved families. 
  • Confidence in working with others in a variety of settings.

Support given              

  • Training on bereavement and the running of the event is provided.
  • Briefing before and after the event along with other support from staff if required. 

What you’ll get out of the experience

  • Training in supporting bereaved parents and families. 
  • Helping Child Bereavement UK to support bereaved children, parents and families to rebuild their lives.

Key working relationships

  • Bereavement Services
  • Bereavement Support Practitioners from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde team

Equality and diversity
The Charity is committed to creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, and one that challenges all forms of oppression or discrimination including those based on age, gender or gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity leave, disability, race (which includes nationality, citizenship, ethnic or national origins), religion/faith or belief, sexual orientation (collectively known in law as the ‘protected characteristics’), as well as any oppression or discrimination based on other physical characteristics or impairments, occupation, income, wealth, or unrelated criminal convictions.

We encourage diversity and equality in all our volunteer roles. If you have a disability or additional need and would like to discuss this with us prior to signing up, please email: [email protected] to see how we can support you. 

Terms and conditions
This job profile is not intended to be a complete list of duties and responsibilities but is a guide for information. It may be reviewed and changed in the light of the evolving needs of the Charity and as part of the volunteer’s development. Any changes will be made following discussion with the post holder.

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