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Losing a (parent) as a child makes you feel disadvantaged emotionally. There isn’t that person willing you on, there to help you. No one there to rebel against or draw things from. You become… self-reliant and you grow up very quickly in one sense, and never grow up in another.” James Dyson 

Please join us online for a study half-day which will look at the way the death of someone close in childhood can resonate throughout life. 

This will bring together an impressive range of speakers who will share their professional and personal perspectives on the impact of childhood loss. In particular, we will question whether the lasting experience of bereavement in childhood is sufficiently recognised by those who seek to support troubled adults.  

Chaired by Julie Stokes OBE, Executive Coach and Founder of Winston’s Wish, our speakers will include:  

  • Sir Al Aynsley-Green, the first Children’s Commissioner
  • Mandy Gosling, Founder of the charity ABC Grief
  • Callum Fairhurst, Founder of Sibling Support
  • Dr Jane McCarthy, researcher and lecturer at the Open University
  • The Childhood Bereavement Network / National Bereavement Alliance

14 May 2024: 2pm to 5pm

Cost: £50

Who should attend?

Suitable for all those whose professional work brings them into contact with adults bereaved in childhood, for example counsellors, therapists, mental health professionals, health and social care professionals, faith leaders, and anyone interested in the fields of bereavement, childhood bereavement and grief. 

Aim of the day

  • To highlight the impact of bereavement in childhood throughout life 
  • To explore the lasting effects of bereavement in childhood 
  • To alert professionals to the possibility of trauma in clients from early loss 
  • To share approaches to supporting those experiencing continuing grief 
  • To highlight the work of child bereavement organisations who work with children to mitigate the future effects of bereavement.  

We encourage prospective participants to consider their own experience of loss and how it might affect them during training. Generally speaking, our training is not usually suited to anyone who has suffered a recent, significant personal loss or bereavement.

For further information please email the Training Department or call us on  01494 568908.

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