We work together so we can understand what interests and engages your colleagues and customers, creating a selection of ideas tailored to your work environment. These could include:

  • simple ideas for fundraising around your business day
  • challenging and competitive physical activities 
  • bespoke events which make the most of your colleagues' skills
  • volunteering opportunities suited to your staff's different skills and interests

We support all these activities with fundraising materials and practical advice, and we report back to you on the impact of the money you raise. 

I saw the Alpine Challenge as a once in a lifetime chance to do something really good for charity and to test myself in the process. I went along to the Child Bereavement UK talk at work and found the difference that they make, and we can make by raising money, eye-opening. I feel truly honoured to have been part of this event and came away with a new outlook on life.

- Aaron Giles, Lead Claims Co-ordinator, Unum