This pre-course material for doctors, based both in hospitals and in the community, is aimed to help you be more aware of the sensitivities needed in one of the most demanding situations: the death of a baby or child. You may have encountered such a situation. This pre-course material will help you reflect on your practice.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this material you will have:

  • Increased understanding of parents’ and families’ experiences and emotions when a child is not expected to live, or has died
  • Understanding of the benefits of developing new sensitivity in this area
  • Knowledge of how to obtain further guidance and support
  • Awareness of the aims and work of Child Bereavement UK and how to access information through its website

Planning your time

The material takes about an hour of material to read through, along with some short videos to watch. If you need to take a break, bookmark the page you've got up to, or finish at the end of one of the numbered modules so you can easily navigate to the next module when you return to the material.

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