Consultancy, Supervision and Reflective Practice

Child Bereavement UK has 25 years of experience of training professionals and supporting families.  Our facilitators apply the learning from this experience to support individuals, teams and organisations across the sector whose work brings them into contact with bereaved families. 

The events that Child Bereavement UK run bring professionals together; they offer staff time to reflect on their practice and importantly consider how further improvements can be achieved. These events are consistently excellent.  It's a pleasure to work with an organisation that is totally committed to the children,young people, and families that it serves. 

- Kath Evans, Director of Children's Nursing, Barts Health NHS Trust

Child Bereavement UK can offer support through:


We offer a broad range of support, to organisations in the statutory, voluntary and corporate sectors on all aspect of bereavement, including:

  • Developing or reviewing organisational strategy for senior leadership teams and Trustees
  • The establishment of bereavement support posts and the development or expansion of bereavement services, including associated policies and procedures.
  • Information on developing a bereavement strategy within schools and businesses, or bereavement care pathway within hospitals and children’s palliative care service
  • Helping organisations work with bereaved families to inform strategy and service development
  • External evaluation of current service provision to inform future development and provide evidence for funders

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. The day was fantastic from start to finish and I can’t over emphasise the impact it has had! 

- Voluntary Sector Organisation

"Our flip chart is now full of ideas all informed by the consultation, the discussions focused our vision. I’m so fortunate anyway to work with such an enthusiastic team but the team I came into this morning were even happier, more confident and raring to go!

"They felt that listening to the wealth of experience and knowledge that the Child Bereavement UK team bring but also learning that a large charity had to grow and learn along the way was invaluable.”

- Voluntary Sector Organisation


Supervision is regarded as a vital core activity for practitioners working with bereaved families to ensure the delivery of safe, effective and high quality services.

Supervision has been defined as  ‘when people who work in the helping professions make a formal arrangement to think with another or others about their work with a view to providing the best possible service to clients, enhancing their own personal and professional development, and gaining support in relation to the emotional demands of the work’ (Scaife, 2009)     

Management supervision is carried out within an organisation through line management structures, however increasingly organisations are looking externally for supervision that addresses the content or impact of the work

Child Bereavement UK can provide supervision, by phone, Skype or face-to face, in relation to the content and impact of working with bereaved parents, children and families:

  • Supervision on an ongoing basis to individuals at any level in an organisation.
  • Supervision on an ongoing basis to teams/groups of staff or volunteers

The supervision we receive is an essential service for West London Sands Befrienders in terms of understanding and improving the service we offer to parents, also in providing the support we ourselves need.  We are very pleased with the supervision we have commissioned, which is of a high standard.

- West London SANDS

Reflective Practice Sessions

It is recognised that the nature of the bereavement work is likely to have an emotional impact upon practitioners. Reflective practice affords an opportunity to think about or reflect on particular situations, and develop insights and learning from experiences in a safe space. 

Child Bereavement UK can provide reflective practice sessions for teams or organisations.  The main objective of these sessions is to ensure that all staff feel supported and equipped to manage their bereavement-related work and the impact it can have, with the aim to enable participants to: 

  • talk together about the impact the work is having upon them.
  • learn and develop together as a team
  • support each other to share concerns, dilemmas and experiences and support one another to find their own individual solutions
  • promote positive team dynamics through sharing

An excellent opportunity to reflect on our work and to consider ways to look after ourselves. 

- Social Worker

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