Cath explains why she’s taking on the 'Big Steps For Small Feet - Snowdon Climb' in aid of Child Bereavement UK, alongside supporters of other child bereavement charities. 

Sometimes I don't want to burden people with my woes so I recognise how important it is that  Child Bereavement helps families at such a difficult time.

Lots of things came together to make me want to take part in the Snowdon climb event this summer. I'd wanted to visit a National Park and climb a mountain to celebrate my 50th birthday, so Snowdon fitted perfectly, although later than initially planned due to COVID.

I also saw the event advertised in the week of the anniversary of my son, Louie, who died five years ago. I've tried to live my life in a way that celebrates his - he loved our holidays in Wales and had a particular love of trains, so again Snowdon felt right.

Walking has been my therapy to help me deal with my grief. In the early days following Louie's death I didn't really want to leave the house, but walking helped me; I didn't want to talk to people, but friends walked beside me and slowly I started to cope better. My dear friend Alison has been by my side throughout and I was very grateful when she enthusiastically agreed to walk Snowdon with me.

To prepare for the challenge, I've been walking further and more regularly; it's been a good opportunity for Alison and me to get some more walks in at weekends with her dog Mollie The fundraising team at Child Bereavement UK has been very helpful and kind providing me with fundraising tips, positive encouragement and making regular check-ins

I've been really grateful to all the support I've had from friends and family to help me manage my grief, but recognise that not everyone has the same support network. Sometimes I don't want to burden people with my woes so I recognise how important it is that Child Bereavement UK helps families at such a difficult time. Doing the walk in aid of the charity makes me feel I'm doing something positive that will help others

I’d definitely encourage others to join in with the Snowdon challenge. You get lots of good fundraising ideas from the charity and there's plenty of time until July to get some walking in, particularly if you can find a buddy who will keep you going.

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