Volunteer Bethany helped Child Bereavement UK develop a remembrance pack for families looking for ways to remember someone special to them.

At Child Bereavement UK we recognise how helpful it is to find ways to remember someone important to you who has died.

Bethany supported the team to create a downloadable Snowdrop Walk Remembrance Pack. The pack contains information and ideas on how to remember someone important to you who has died, including snowdrop planting advice from celebrity gardener, Alan Titchmarsh.

Lorna, who is Bethany’s Volunteer Manager said, “Bethany was instrumental in helping to create the downloadable Snowdrop Walk Remembrance Pack. Without her support and amazing research, the pack wouldn’t be as helpful or popular as it has become."

Bethany volunteers with the fundraising team one day a week, while studying at Glasgow University.

For bereaved families, finding ways to remember someone who has died can help them with their grief. Jayne’s baby son Rory was stillborn in March 2016. Since 2018 she has been coming to Child Bereavement UK’s Snowdrop Walk in Buckinghamshire.

“Finding ways to remember Rory is crucial to me surviving my grief. It’s a way of honouring him and what he means to us and our family. It means our bond to him continues to thrive. It is also important for me to take some time which is pure dedicated ‘Rory time’ where we step aside from everything else and allow ourselves to just be, with him and with our grief.”

If you would like to see the Snowdrop Walk Remembrance Pack, you can find it on our website here.