The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on everyone, including business who may have employees/clients who are bereaved or who have died.

As a leading provider of bereavement support and training, Child Bereavement UK has developed a series of online webinars to help businesses manage the short and long-term impacts of the pandemic, and bereavement in general, on staff and client wellbeing.

These one-hour webinars are suitable for all staff including HR professionals, mental health first aiders, senior management teams, managers and customer service teams.

Content can be tailored to meet your organisational needs but can include:

  • Understanding how bereavement affects individuals differently
  • How to support bereaved staff and clients
  • Guidance on communicating about death and bereavement
  • Looking after yourself when supporting others
  • Updating your bereavement policy and guidelines
  • Signposting to further resources