An introduction to Child Bereavement UK's Bereavement in the Workplace Training, hosted by Bank of England

Bereavement is one of the most common factors affecting employees’ performance at work, with an estimated 1 in 10 employees affected at any point in time (McGuinness, 2009).  

Yet research has shown that bereaved people are being failed by a lack of support in the workplace. 

Child Bereavement UK can work with you to enable your company to support its bereaved customers and colleagues in the best way possible. We can run bespoke training sessions at your offices, providing practical information to enable your staff to understand how bereavement may affect their colleagues and customers, whilst balancing business objectives.      

Child Bereavement UK’s workplace training has had many benefits not only when dealing with bereavement, both with staff and customers, but also helping our staff to deal with loss generally. We cannot recommend it enough.

- Barry Coleman, Head of Employee Relations, Virgin Money

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