The resources listed below are open source and free to download. We hope they help to reinforce some the learning gained in the recent webinar you attended. They also offer ideas to share and consider when working with young people and families who may have experienced bereavement and are finding it difficult in managing their grief. 

The education sector

For free resources including Having honest conversations about death and grief, Supporting a bereaved pupil, Managing a sudden death, bereavement policies, explaining death and dying to children.

Information on a whole range of specific bereavement-related topics

Includes downloadable PDF versions which could be shared with staff to help inform and structure plans of support.

Short guidance films

More than 30 succinct films on a topics ranging from: how to support a grieving young child; and explaining to a child that someone has died by suicide; to guidance on returning to work after the death of a baby or child.

Resources for adults supporting bereaved children and young people

Includes books and resources for adults supporting bereaved children and families, including those with special educational and additional needs.

Working with bereaved families

Includes information on supporting children when someone important to them has died, or is dying, and information for those working in medical settings on how to support families facing the death of a baby or child.

Child Bereavement UK national Helpline and Live Chat

Support from Child Bereavement UK

More details about the support we offer to children, parents and families.

Please feel free to share the above resources within your community and with colleagues. If you have any further queries about the webinar or the resources provided above, please email our training team

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