Bereavement Awareness Training for Nursery/Primary/Secondary Schools

These training sessions provide an introduction to bereavement for education professionals. While the overall content for each webinar is the same, the focus will be on the relevant age and stage of development of the children in the setting.

These training webinars are designed for individual access, please email us to discuss our training options for multiple access and whole school groups.

The cost of each webinar is £20 per person and take approximately 90 minutes, depending on questions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An overview of grief and bereavement,
  • Children's understanding of death,
  • Models of grief and an understanding of children’s responses
  • Factors affecting grief
  • Practical ideas for managing a child’s responses to their grief
  • Creating a bereavement aware culture; policies and procedures
  • Local and national pathways for support

Bereavement Awareness Training for Schools - Early Years & Nursery
For professionals working in pre-school, nursery, children’s centres, playgroups and other early years settings.

Bereavement Awareness Training for Schools - Primary
For professionals working in primary, infant, junior, preparatory, lower or middle schools.

Bereavement Awareness Training for Schools - Secondary
For professionals working in secondary, senior, upper or high schools.

Bereavement Awareness Training for Post-18 FE/HE professionals:

This webinar is designed for professionals working with young people in further or higher education settings.

The content covers:

  • Transitions
  • Managing grief
  • Theories of grief including the impact of grief
  • Creating a bereavement aware culture
  • Support

Keep an eye on our website for new dates. For more information for any of these webinars, please email us