The resources linked below are open source and free to download. We hope they help to reinforce some of the learning gained in the recent webinar you attended. They also offer ideas to share and consider when taking a whole-school approach to support for staff, children and young people who may have experienced bereavement and are finding it difficult to manage their grief.


See alsoManaging Bereavement - A Guide for Early Years

See also: Managing Bereavement - A Guide for Primary Schools
See also: Managing Bereavement - A Guide for Secondary Schools
A step-by-step training guide, developed in partnership with the London Grid for Learning, which includes a resource bank to empower education professionals supporting bereaved pupils in school and covers:

The resources which have been linked above include downloadable PDF content which could be shared with staff to help inform and structure plans of support.
    Short guidance films and downloadable guides on a range of topics including: how to tell a young person that someone they know has died; children's understand of death; supporting children through difficult times managing grief; and ways to remember someone who has died. Also includes links to BBC “Bitesize” resources containing guidance from our bereavement services team.
    • Returning to School: A different Normal

    This has been a challenging time; the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone, and it continues to do so. While getting back to school may signal the start of a new year, the legacy of the previous two terms cannot be overlooked. This page covers how pupils may be feeling, the potential impact on vulnerable and bereaved pupils, and how schools and other education settings can support pupils and staff.
      A downloadable guide to managing bereavement within school and includes: Developing a bereavement policy or charter
        An online resource, developed in partnership with the London Grid for Learning, which enables schools to access information and guidance simply and quickly around the key considerations when responding to a death in the school community. 
        A dedicated area on our website which features support and advice from bereaved young people, for bereaved young people. Includes quotes and experiences, videos, an App and a game, as well as links to other helpful websites and online resources.

        Additional resources which may support you when specific issues arise in your school community: 

        See also our suggested books, films and resources for children and young people and for adults supporting bereaved children and young people.  

        Please feel free to share these resources within your school community and with colleagues.