About Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place from 9 to 15 October every year. It’s an opportunity for parents, their families and friends to acknowledge and remember their precious babies who have died. It is is led by Sands in collaboration with over 60 charities in the UK.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is an opportunity:

• for bereaved parents and families across the world to commemorate their babies’ lives
• to break the silence around pregnancy or baby loss in the UK
• to ensure all bereaved parents in the UK get the best possible care, wherever they live, when they need it

This year's Baby Loss Awareness Weeks aims to highlight the isolation many people experience after pregnancy and baby loss. Social distancing made necessary by Covid-19 has had a major impact on access to care and support, and has complicated grief and responses to pregnancy and baby loss. 

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, feelings of isolation have become more widespread around the world and many people have begun to talk more openly about loneliness.

Support and Information

For confidential support, information and guidance around baby loss, our helpline team is available to take calls and respond to emails 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday, or via the LiveChat icon on the website.