Please give what you can for bereaved families

Watch our short film to find out more about our work and why bereavement support is urgently needed.

Grief is a lonely experience, and we know from the families we support at Child Bereavement UK that Covid-19 restrictions have brought additional isolation: a child not able to visit his Grandad in hospital; a family not able to hold the funeral they wanted for their father; a teenager bereaved of her Mum, now anxious that Dad might also die.


I felt disbelief and couldn’t understand any of it; basically, my entire life had been flipped in less than a week, and it really floored me.

- Charlie, 23, whose dad died by suicide

Your support is more important to us now than ever as the economic downturn impacts our future income. We urgently need funds to ensure that we can continue to be here to help those going through the devastation of bereavement to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies.

Child Bereavement UK have been a lifeline for our family. They really understand grief, especially the way it presents over time, and in so many different ways.

- Bereaved mother

The pandemic may not be around forever, but the impact of your support will stay with the families we help for the rest of their lives.

Please give what you can to help rebuild lives. Your generous donation will enable us to be there for bereaved families, not only now but into the future. 

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