Child Bereavement UK helps families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies.

Since 2014, the generosity of Let’s Rock the 80s festival goers, staff and volunteers has been outstanding. Your support has helped UK Live raise a total of £980,000 so far, just £20,000 away from its £1 million target. Thank you to everyone who has donated over the last ten years. 

The cost-of-living crisis and the impact of the pandemic have led to a decrease in funding for bereavement support services across the UK. This means it's more challenging for families to find the accessible support they need to rebuild their lives after the devastation of child bereavement. 

When Lee passed away, the children were dealing with their feelings and didn’t know how to react, as much as I tried to reassure them that what they were feeling was OK. Since they’ve had support from Child Bereavement UK, I’ve noticed that the anger isn’t there as much anymore.

Rachael (pictured above and below) was supported by Child Bereavement UK with her four children after her husband Lee died suddenly

Photograph of bereaved mother, Rachel, with her son, Theo, doing a craft activity together at Child Bereavement UKs service in Wirral

As Christmas approaches please enable us to support more bereaved families like Rachael’s by helping to raise the £20,000 we need to reach Let’s Rock the 80s festivals’ 10-year target of £1 million for Child Bereavement UK.

£20,000 could fund our entire support and information service, including our free Helpline, for four weeks, providing a lifeline for families seeking support after the death of someone important to them.

Your generosity ensures we can be there for bereaved families now and in the future.


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