When Alice’s son James was five, his grandfather died by suicide. Alice talks about how James was supported by Child Bereavement UK in Buckinghamshire, and how she has fundraised with children from the school at which she teaches.

The support made a huge difference; I could see James becoming calmer and more confident.

Although we told James what happened at the time, when James reached 10 years old, he began asking questions about what happened, and it was clear his grief was affecting his behaviour. 

Child Bereavement UK was recommended to me and we came to see one of the bereavement support practitioners. She was amazing at drawing out James' feelings through various gentle, personalised activities. We could continue the sessions for as long as James felt he needed them. The support made a huge difference; I could see James becoming calmer and more confident. I was able to go into details of the event that I would have found difficult on my own.

I work in a school with another colleague who went to Child Bereavement UK when her brother took his own life and her daughter was affected. The school was therefore very keen to raise some money for a wonderful charity.   

I decided that the school should try to beat a Guinness World Record for the greatest number of children singing in a nursery rhyme relay. Child Bereavement UK provided us with banners, balloons and fundraising buckets. Lorna from the fundraising team gave a short talk to the children and was a witness to our challenge. Each person who participated donated £1 each and we raised £215 for Child Bereavement UK. The event was publicised in local papers and discussed on local radio. We had so much fun, raised money and spread awareness of a very important charity.

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