My Dad died when I was 11. He died of a heart attack so it was unexpected and sudden. As my parents had divorced when I was 3, this meant that I didn't really get to see my Dad, apart from some weekends. It also meant that as my parents hadn't been on good terms, my mum didn't feel like she could help my brother and I properly because she wasn't going through the same grief.

When my Dad died, I had just started a new school. This made it difficult as I was just starting to make new friends and was
getting to know the teachers, so nobody knew what to say or do. Before I found Child Bereavement UK, I had a bad experience with another counsellor and a teacher at school. This made me unsure and worried about going to other charities or support such as Child Bereavement UK.

When I first went to Child Bereavement UK I was closed, quiet and didn't want to share anything. I was never pressured into talking about anything that I didn't want to, which made it easier and really helped me.

I have been involved with Child Bereavement UK and their Groups for Young People for around 5 years. The group provides a place where young people can go when they have lost someone close to them. It really helps me as I don't have to say anything if I don't want to, but I know that everyone there is in a similar situation to me.

Although it is impossible to get over the grief of losing a loved one, Child Bereavement UK have made everything a lot easier for my family and me.

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