Books and resources

Books and resources suitable for Early Years settings. Read more

Early years bereavement policy

An Early Years bereavement policy will help a setting to consider a response in the event of the death of a child, member of staff, parent or member of the community. Read more

Schools' Information Pack

An information pack for schools supporting bereaved pupils in primary schools - loss, death and grief. The pack contains a series of A4 fact sheets, offering guidance, support and information when a death occurs in the school community or when a school is facing an expected death. Can be Downloaded free of charge. Read more

Support for the family

Information to help members of staff supporting a bereaved family. Read more

Support for yourself

Being alongside anyone experiencing a loss can be emotionally draining, but supporting a bereaved child, particularly so.  The need for support yourself is not a sign of an inability to cope or of professional incompetence, but a recognition that everyone needs help to carry out this demanding role. Read more

Supporting a bereaved child in an Early Years setting

Bereaved young children need the stability of a familiar routine with caring adults. Read more