Pictured: Dr Ron Daniels - UK Sepsis Trust, Jason Watkins, Clara Francis and Ann Chalmers - Child Bereavement UK 


Child Bereavement UK’s Patrons Jason Watkins and Clara Francis launched a documentary film for ITV1 this week dedicated to their daughter, Maudie, who died when she was two and a half years old.

The film, produced by ITV Wales, which will be shown on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm on Thursday 30 March, tells the emotional story of their daughter Maudie, who died suddenly from sepsis on New Year’s Day 2011.

Pictured: Jason Watkins and Clara Francis with photograph of their daughter Maudie

The private preview, hosted by Jason and Clara, took place at Vue Leicester Square to raise awareness of the UK Sepsis Trust and Child Bereavement UK. It was attended by guests of the couple and both charities, including stars from film, television and stage including Olivia Colman, Hugh Bonneville, Rob Delaney, David Harewood and Patrick Kielty. 

Jason said: "Creating this film was an incredibly emotional experience for Clara and me. We made it because we know so many families go through the pain of losing a child - and that by sharing our normal but quirky family, it shows that you can survive such adversity, in an imperfect way. Sepsis is such a difficult condition to diagnose and the better awareness amongst us all, which the film can radiate, can save lives. This evening's screening brought together people from charities that do so much important work to support people affected, including my wife and me, which we are so grateful for. We hope our film will in some way help to show others that, as hard as losing a child is, support is available and to highlight the need to keep improving diagnosis and treatment for sepsis, which is so vital."

Child Bereavement UK’s Chief Executive Ann Chalmers said: "We are immensely grateful to Jason and Clara for their dedication to raising awareness of the issues facing bereaved parents when a precious child dies. Families tell us that hearing others share their experience can help them feel less alone in their grief.  Jason and Clara’s courage in making this moving documentary will importantly raise awareness of sepsis as well as highlighting the help that is available to parents after the devastation of child bereavement."


Jason Watkins and Clara Francis are Patrons of Child Bereavement UK, visit our Patron's page to find out more.