I Promise It Won't Always Hurt Like This

Clare Mackintosh   

When bestselling writer Clare Mackintosh lost her five-week-old son, she searched for help in books. All of them wanted to tell her what she should be feeling and when she should be feeling it, but the truth – as she soon found out – is that there are no neat, labelled stages for grief, or crash grief-diets to relieve us of our pain. What we need when we’re grieving is time, understanding and to be shown that we’re not alone.

With 18 short assurances that are full of compassion – drawn from Clare’s experiences of losing her son and her father – I Promise It Won’t Always Hurt Like This is the book she needed then.

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A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss - Guidance and Support for You and Your Family

Ingrid Kohn, Perry Lynn-Moffit and Isabelle Wilkins   

For families seeking emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss. Well organised and easy to read this book offers practical suggestions for the many topics covered. They include bereaved mothers, fathers, grandparents, explaining to your children and what might help. Sections can be read as and when bereaved parents feel able.

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Losing a Baby

Sarah Ewing
This book is for those parents coping with the death of a young child. It’s written for the parents of babies who die before the age of two, as well as babies born prematurely who might have lived, but not early miscarriages. This book covers: the first few days; practicalities (arranging the funeral etc); adjusting to the reality of the death; coping as a couple; what to tell your other children; dealing with the outside world; getting counselling and support; traditional remedies and complementary therapies.

Mainly for Fathers 

A short booklet containing information that many fathers whose baby has died said they needed to know. It includes sections on feelings, telling other people, you and your partner, returning to work, certificates and registration.

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Unspeakable Losses: Healing from Miscarriage, Abortion, and Other Pregnancy Loss

Kim Kluger Bell

Written by a psychotherapist and counsellor. Approaches for healing for women and men who have experienced miscarriage, abortion, infertility and other pregnancy losses.

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When a Baby Dies: The Experience of Late Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death

Nancy Kohner and Alix Henley   

In this book, parents who have lost a baby tell their stories. They speak about what happened, how they felt, how others have helped them and how they helped themselves. Using letters from and interviews with many bereaved parents, Nancy Kohner and Alix Henley have written a book that offers understanding of what it means to lose a baby and the grief that follows.

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When your baby dies: a particular kind of grief 

Child Bereavement UK

Practical advice and guidance for parents at the time of their baby's death in hospital. Information space included for local sources of support to be added by the professional caring for the parents.

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When Words are not Enough: Creative Responses to Grief

Jane Harris

Everyone grieves for someone at some point in their lives. But how do we deal with the silence that often surrounds grief? How do we find ways to express painful feelings when words are not enough? In this deeply personal and beautiful reflection on grief Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds draw on their own experience of loss, and how the death of their son Josh has led to a creative response that is more than word bound.

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