A Grief Like No Other: Surviving the Violent Death of Someone you Love

Kathleen O’Hara 

Violent death brings to survivors a different kind of grief. From intense feelings of guilt, anger and post-traumatic stress, to years spent dealing with the legal ramifications, those left behind in the wake of violence have to contend with unique circumstances that are different from a “natural” death.

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A Special Scar: The experiences of people bereaved by suicide

Alison Wertheimer

Written and researched by a bereaved sibling, this book covers the losses of siblings, parents, children and friends.

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After a Murder: A Workbook for Grieving Kids

Dougy Centre

Through the stories, thoughts and feelings of other kids who have experienced a murder, this hands-on workbook allows children to see that they are not alone in their feelings and experiences. The workbook includes drawing activities, puzzles and word games to help explain confusing elements specific to a murder, such as the police, media and legal system.

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Beyond the Rough Rock: Supporting a Child Who Has Been Bereaved Through Suicide

Di Stubbs and Julie Stokes

This booklet offers practical advice for families in the immediate days and weeks when suicide has been the cause of death. It aims to give parents and professionals the confidence to involve children in discussions about the nature of a death by suicide.

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Help is at hand: A resource for people bereaved by suicide

Department of Health 

This free guide is for people who are affected by suicide or other sudden, traumatic death. It aims firstly to help people who are unexpectedly bereaved in this way. It also provides information for healthcare and other professionals who come into contact with bereaved people, to assist them in providing help and to suggest how they themselves may find support if they need it.

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Hope Beyond the Headlines: Supporting a Child Bereaved through Murder or Manslaughter

Di Stubbs and Kate Gardner

This new book offers practical advice for families in the immediate days, weeks and months following a murder. It is written for both parents and professionals, giving them confidence to involve children and young people in understanding and managing the particular difficulties and complexities that so often surround a death by murder or manslaughter.

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Red Chocolate Elephants: For children bereaved by suicide - Book & DVD 

Diana C.Sands  

Provides adults with the understanding and assistance to support primary school aged children experiencing the death of a family member to suicide. It is not intended for children to read on their own, but as an assisted reading activity with an adult, reading a few pages and taking the time to explore concerns. Provides a sensitive and appropriate means of engaging with children around the difficult question of death through suicide.

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