A Terrible Thing Happened

Margaret M Holmes

Sherman saw the most terrible thing happen. At first he tried to forget about it, but soon something inside him started to bother him. He felt nervous for no reason. Sometimes his stomach hurt. He had bad dreams. And he started to feel angry and do mean things, which got him in trouble. Then he met Ms. Maple, who helped him talk about the terrible thing that he had tried to forget. Now Sherman is feeling much better.

This gently told and tenderly illustrated story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode, including physical abuse, school or gang violence, accidents, homicide, suicide, and natural disasters such as floods or fire.

An afterword by Sasha J. Mudlaff written for parents and other caregivers offers extensive suggestions for helping traumatized children, including a list of other sources that focus on specific events.

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Coping with grief when someone you love dies suddenly

This free booklet aims to help you understand emotions and feelings commonly suffered after a sudden death. It provides straightforward advice on how to cope and who can help you to recover.

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Don't Let Them Tell You How to Grieve: Lines to let you know you are not alone

Gina Claye   

Poems written by a mother who experienced the sudden deaths of her 19-year-old daughter by suicide and her 32-year-old son from encephalitis.

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Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?

Elke Barber & Alex Barber

Alex is only three when his father has a heart attack. All on his own, Alex manages to get help but his beloved Daddy dies at the scene. Explains sudden death to pre-school children using words and illustrations they will understand.

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Someone has died in road crash

Mary Williams OBE and Caroline Chisholm   

Two young characters, who have been bereaved by a road crash, narrate the colourful book by giving caring and helpful tips. Tackling all the tough questions that children may want to ask, the book deals with the crash itself, funerals, police investigation and the possible emotions a child may experience. There is also an additional download with tips for adults on how to use the book with young children.

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Someone has died suddenly

Mary Williams and Steve Fraser

This colourful book, prepared in partnership with bereavement specialists, is for suddenly bereaved children and adults to read together. It helps children understand their strong feelings and gives suggestions to help them cope. It provides straightforward information about practical things that happen after a sudden death, such as a post-mortem examination. There is also an additional download with tips for adults on how to use the book with young children.

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When Something Terrible Happens: Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief

Marge Heegaard

Terrible things can happen to children. Traumatic events in the lives of their families, their friends or in the world leave then feeling confused, insecure and frightened. There are floods, earthquakes, and sometimes people cause violence and trauma. This is a workbook designed to help children understand and deal with overwhelming feelings from loss and change.

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