Candidates providing applications and personal data to the Charity will be advised that their information will be stored, by means of the following statement:

“It is assumed that you give consent for any personal or special categories of personal data which you submit as part of an application for this position to be processed by Child Bereavement UK (the “Charity”). If you do not accept these terms or if you do not give your consent to your data being processed and stored in this way, then please do not apply for this role. Any personal or special categories of data you send to the Charity will be used solely for the purposes of recruitment and selection in respect of the position for which you have applied. Such data will not be shared with anyone else unless there is a legal requirement to do so. If your application is unsuccessful, your personal data will be erased from our systems within 1 year except to retain a log of your name and current employer/job title and summary recruiter’s notes about your suitability in order for us to retain a record of your having been an applicant for this role. This will be retained indefinitely. We will only retain your CV, covering letter/email and any personal data contained in those files if you ask us to keep it for future reference in respect of any other job opportunities which may arise. If your application is successful, all personal data including our interview notes will be stored on our personnel records indefinitely. You are advised of your right to make a subject data access request in accordance with the GDPR, or to raise any complaints about data handling to The Information Commissioner's Office."

Summary data will be retained on a recruitment log for each position/project undertaken. This will record the candidate’s first and last name, current employer and job title, and recruiter’s notes of assessment made for suitability for roles. These logs (held as Excel spreadsheets) are retained for legitimate business reasons which are for reporting and record purposes, and so that past candidates can be identified at a basic level in future projects where selection decisions may stand indefinitely for lawful and legitimate reasons.

CVs of applicants who are rejected without interview will be immediately deleted after their basic information has been logged (as explained above).

CVs and interview notes of candidates who are rejected following telephone screening or personal interview by the Charity will be deleted 6 months after their application was processed, but basic summary information will be retained.