A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness

12-year-old Conor O'Malley has a close bond with his seriously ill mother and maintains the household during her regular chemotherapy treatments at the hospital. His grandmother often visits, and suggests he come live with her in the event of his mother's death. One night, Conor is visited by a tree-like Monster at 12:07 AM which tells that he will tell three true stories to Conor; in return, the boy will tell his own story to the Monster about the truth behind his dreadful nightmare. A Monster Calls has also been adapted to film.

A teenage guide to coping when someone dies (fold out A3 guide)

This resource can be folded down to fit in a pocket.  It contains practical advice and guidance for a young person managing confusing emotions when someone important in their life dies. Original text written by a young person whose father died.

The text can also be found in our section For Young People - what helps to move forward.

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Coping with grief when someone you love dies suddenly

This free booklet aims to help you understand emotions and feelings commonly suffered after a sudden death. It provides straightforward advice on how to cope and who can help you to recover.

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Letters from the Grief Club

Beth French and Kate Moreton

A book containing letters from a diverse group of bereaved young adults, written to themselves on the day their loved one died. The letters reflect on their immediate grief whilst offering advice and support to their current selves. The editors, Beth French and Kate Moreton, have experienced loss themselves, with Beth losing her mum, and Kate losing her dad at the young age of 17.

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Living with loss: a grief guide for young people

This publication is written for adolescents, providing information, advice, and activities to support them when faced with the death of someone close to them.

The booklet, 'What Happens Next: A Funeral Guide for Young People' accompanies this guide.

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Michael Rosen's Sad Book

Michael Rosen

A very personal story that speaks to adults as well as children. The author describes feeling sad after the death of his son and what he does to try to cope with it.

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Sometimes Life Sucks: When someone you love dies

Molly Carlile

Teenagers experience loss in all kinds of ways. Whether it’s the death of a grandparent, pet or school friend, a teen fatality, a peer with terminal illness, living without a mum or dad, or the death of a celebrity. Like everyone else teenagers also struggle to come to terms with their shock and grief. Full of great tips, stories and gentle advice, Sometimes Life Sucks helps teens to navigate their personal experience of grief.

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We Get It

Heather L. Servaty-Seib and David C. Fajgenbaum

A unique collection of 33 narrative by bereaved students and young adults in America, this book aims to help young adults who are grieving and provide guidance for those who seek to support them. It has been described as like having a group in a book.

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When someone special dies - for young people

Child Bereavement UK

This leaflet has been prepared with the help of bereaved families. It aims to help children when they have been bereaved. Also essential for A&E, Intensive care units and professionals who support families.

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You will be OK

Julia Stokes

In this honest, comforting and strength-building guide Julie Stokes, a clinical psychologist and founder of childhood bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, provides readers with the tools they need to navigate this tough and turbulent time. Packed with practical exercises, such as creating memory boxes and managing different kinds of memories using ‘memory stones’, this guide will give readers helpful ways to manage their grief so they can begin to move forward with life.

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