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We cannot underestimate the impact of pregnancy loss and the death of a baby on parents and the wider family, and on the professionals who care for them. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide the best possible care to bereaved parents.

4 July 2024: 9.30am - 12.30pm 

10 October 2024: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Who should attend?

Suitable for professionals working with parents grieving pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, including midwifery and nursing students.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Explore the impact of pregnancy loss and death of a baby.
  • Be aware of statistics, current guidelines and initiatives relating to baby loss and bereavement support.
  • Recognise physical and emotional reactions to grief.
  • Consider theories of grief to increase understanding of parents' experiences.
  • Gain an understanding of what parents may need and increased confidence in offering support appropriate to their needs.
  • Develop self-awareness in relation to loss, grief and bereavement, and the impact of this work on you.
  • Gain information about Child Bereavement UK, other similar support organisations and resources.

Cost: £45

We encourage prospective participants to consider their own experience of loss and how it might affect them during training. Our training is not usually suited to anyone who has suffered a recent, significant personal loss or bereavement.

For further information please email: [email protected] or call 01494 568908.

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